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--NO KILLING PASSIVES: Passives are off limits. Simple as that. This is probably my most important rule and can be met with a ban if broken. - Passives are passive for a reason. If you are at war with another tribe, feel free to attack dinos they have prepared for defense, but passives are and always will be completely off-limits unless a very specific exception takes place.
EXCEPTIONS: Passive dinos need to be kept -away- from places that explosives will be used on, such as a vault. If you are raiding someone's base and a passive dinosaur is close enough to their vault to be injured or killed by the blast, or something like that, then its death is not on you. - HOWEVER, there -must- be proof of this being the case, through a screenshot or otherwise. Please contact me if you see someone abusing this rule in anyway, either through the report page on the forums, or in-game.

--RAIDING/TRIBE WARFARE: By default this is a PvE server, however PvP is very much allowed, and even encouraged! Tribe vs Tribe combat is a big focus for our server. We use the tribal warfare system currently, though this may change in the future. - But it will most likely always be similar to this. To raid someone or to be raided you -must- be at war with the tribe you plan to raid. Both sides must have consented to this war, a mutual battle, and raids can only happen when one or more of the opposing tribe's members are on. This includes killing their neutral dinosaurs, you must be at war with them to do so.
EXCEPTIONS: NO OFFLINE RAIDING. - This is important to remember. - If the enemy tribe has no one on able to defend, raiding is not allowed. Please report anyone breaking this rule ASAP.

--WORLD PVP: World PvP is also something we allow, at set times. Currently we have world PvP set to be allowed between 5PM and 10PM[CST – Central Standard Time] - During this time you will be able to go out into the world and fight without being within a tribe or being at war with the people you are fighting. -HOWEVER-, this does not mean you can raid a base during this time. World PvP is for just that: World PvP. Fight around beacons, out in the world, but do not raid another's base. This is a great time to go out hunting for other participants, or people outside of their base that look like a decent target. Our own little purging time.
EXCEPTIONS: Low level players, fresh spawns, etc are not to be camped nor attacked unless they attack first. This daily event is meant to be fun for all sides, and constantly assaulting someone who will provide no gear, supplies, or challenge to yourself is considered harassment and is a bannable offense. Keep this in mind.

--NO GRIEFING/HARASSMENT: Don't be an asshole! This goes without saying, however many have different beliefs for what griefing and harassment means. So, I will be listing off a few things that -I- consider either. Please report anyone breaking these rules ASAP.

SPAWN CAMPING: Spawn camping is harrassment. Simple as that.

UNNEEDED BASE DESTRUCTION: Destroying something in someone's base just to cause them trouble is considered griefing. If there is nothing to gain from the destruction of something, then do not destroy it. Simple.

More will be added in time!


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